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  • Cate Blanchett, Chris Hemsworth
  • Country - USA
  • Director - Taika Waititi
  • Audience score - 547122 vote
  • user Ratings - 8,7 of 10


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I know fanboys are tough to argue with but what has happened to the movie takes the previous two movies,throws then out of the room without any the first two movies,Thor is a serious guy with sometimes ego problems but in this he simply behaves like a frame is filled with humour which is good the humour is brilliant but when you just kinda revamp the character without any explanation,the movie least show us how he changed from Odin son to a 11 year old VFX was justifies its 200 million budget.I am seeing a problem with the critics while judging a marvel movie,they term each movie to be the movie has 90% ratings on rotten tomatoes,are u kidding is in the same league of the likes of The dark Knight and Logan which is a disrespect to those the critics are afraid of Marvel fanboys,don"t please think before rating any movie as the best the studio has to sudden change in character is also seen in justice league with Batman and everybody on the internet bashed don"t rate Marvel movies,in a dishonest manner,in a flattering way.

Download é?ç?ç´ç?¾3ï¼?諸ç?e.e.p. Thor 1 and dark world : I need a hammer Thor ragnarok: I don"t need a hammer Infinity war: ok i need a hammer Endgame: well. may as well have 2 hammers. Liked Sif screaming for help and running from the stage.

R.I.P Mjolnir (2011-2017. Mjolnir (2023) Hold my Handle, Cap! Edited

Please kind sir do not cut my hair. Imagine if Thanos snaped and then Tony Stark said uno reverse card. Petter: Mr. Stark, it smells like a new car in here Tony: Happy trails kid. F.R.I.D.A.Y. send him home F.R.I.D.A.Y.: Yep Petter: Oh come on! Me: XD. How is the taxi driver not in jail after getting rear-ended while they was a person in his trunk.

Apparently Korg is based on Auckland bouncers who are massive but have very gentle voices :joy. YES! THAT"S HOW IT FEELS! Looks at loki like he"s crazy Oh I"m just a fan of good sport... Download é?ç?ç´ç?¾3ï¼?諸ç?e le opere. Honestly, I just adore Thor and Loki"s relationship. They are SUCH siblings. Like one minute they"re stabbing and electrocuting each other and the next Loki"s like SMIRK Yeah, you don"t mess with my brother. It"s so accurate. lol. Download é?ç?ç´ç?¾3ï¼?諸ç?e a u. Yes, locking surtars skull in the same vault that houses the eternal flame which is the only thing that can resurrect him. That sounds like a great idea. 1:38 Loki has PTSD flashbacks. “All that for a drop of blood”. Still gives me goose bumps. Download é?ç?ç´ç?¾3ï¼?諸ç?e e k. 57:03 LEGIT THOUGHT THAT WAS THANOS. like i get cable voiced thanos BUTT STILL.

Download é?ç?ç´ç?¾3ï¼?諸ç?e.e.r. Download é?ç?ç´ç?¾3ï¼?諸ç?e.e.u. “The suns getting real low”. BAM BAM BAM. The way she said kneel sounds a lot like joffrey. “Im gonna rip you in half now.”. This remains one of the best marvel movies. Download é?ç?ç´ç?¾3ï¼?諸ç?e.a.r. Download é?ç?ç´ç?¾3ï¼?諸ç?e.e.o.